Sunrise Yoga

​A quicker paced yoga created to energize you and get your day started off in a positive, uplifting, balanced way. Heather mixes Sun Salutation A and B with standing, seated and supine poses to wake up your body and mind and also find ease in starting your day.

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Harness the joys of Yoga.  Be one with your body, mind and spirit.

Core Yoga & Pilates

​An original combination of Sun Salutation A & B, pilates mat work for all over toning and strength, yoga poses, balance poses, moon salutations and a little relaxation sprinkled in for a focused, strong, physical practice that all leads to…savasana…relaxation pose. 

Yoga Mama’Z was created to offer space for YOU to find INSPIRATION, JOY, HEALING, FUN, PASSION and so much more through simple, yet profound tools that yoga has taught me and so many others! 


​The opposite of the yang style classes that are active…

YIN is a more meditative yoga that trains your body and mind to focus on the present moment, while targeting the connective tissues rather
​than the muscles.

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Heather Zollman

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Welcome to the Blog

Yoga is not just about fitness, but a practice for your mind and soul.

Breathe. Be Inspired.      Yoga

Live Joyfully.

Let Your Light Shine.

​to Yoga Mama'Z!

Yoga has taught me so much along my life journey with healing…physically and emotionally, grief, motherhood, relationships, purpose and so much more! 


​Fun, silly, calm yoga for your
​5-11 year old! We practice individual poses, partner poses and breath work that relates mostly to nature and things the kidz can relate to. We talk about how the things we practice can be used off of the mat.


13 7th Street S, Sauk Centre, MN 56378