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Be Inspired Life Coaching Packages

Yoga Mama’Z offers Be Inspired Life Coaching packages as well as Life Coaching + Customized Body Flow Packages to guide you towards optimizing your talents, feeling amazing in your human body suit and allowing your spirit to soar!  In these sessions we…
  • Begin with breath work to center and ground into our time together.
  • Connect more deeply with your spirit/truth.
  • Clarify your life’s purpose that aligns with your core values and beliefs.
  • Explore your gifts and how to utilize them to improve your life and the lives of those around you.
  • Uncover limiting beliefs that are blocking your growth in health and happiness.
Together, we will create ways for you to move forward using tools you learn during our time together.  I have life experience and specialize in helping people with their journeys in…
  • Exploring Joys and Struggles in Parenting including mom guilt…Letting it Go and Moving Forward
  • Pain and the lessons we learn through it
  • Resiliency through health challenges
  • Healing from injuries and moving forward
  • Finding and creating the right physical practices that you ENJOY that are nourishing for YOUR body
  • Incorporating Breathing and Meditation Practices
  • Navigating through the Grief Process
  • Radiance in embracing hormonal shifts, cycles and seasons
  • Creating Work/Life/Family Balance
  • Overcoming Fear of stepping into your greatness
  • Realizing your Life Purpose
  • Loving your body and creating comfort in it
  • Creating a magical life through mindfulness
  • Feeling JOY and finding it in the simple
  • Allowing yourself to be inspired and inspire others
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My Journey

My journey includes, but is not limited to, being a…wife and mom of 3 (preteen to adult), stay at home mom, yoga and pilates teacher for 16 years, business owner, elementary teacher, music teacher, daughter, sister, friend and personal trainer.  I have experience in grief, severe pain, hormonal imbalances due to pregnancies and menopause, seizure, spine and neck injury, fascia limitations due to surgeries, being trapped physically, mentally and emotionally by medication and migraines AND coming through to the other side with HOPE, GRATITUDE, EXCITEMENT, KNOWLEDGE and a new zest for life!  There were days where I felt hopeless and questioned why these things were happening to me.  I found hope, healing and radiance by remaining true to my spirit and believing there was more for me on the other side of the struggles.  This was done through prayer, connection with spirit, paying attention and making changes where they needed to be made physically, mentally and emotionally.  The journey was a combination of deep self-work, learning to allow and creating new daily practices.  I am so grateful for the lessons I have learned!  There is HOPE.   My passion is to help others live their best lives and see magic in the simple.  This is where Be Inspired Life Coaching was born.  From hopeless to INSPIRED moving forward into RADIANCE.
So my question for you is…are you ready to overcome the blocks and move into the radiant light you were born to be?  If so, Be Inspired coaching may be the perfect first or next step towards beauty, magic and inspiration in your life!

Be Inspired
Life Coaching

6 sessions…$660
10 sessions…$950

These packages include…
* A free 15 minute phone introduction call to discuss what you are looking for with coaching and determine if our working together is the best fit for you.
* A 60 minute in person, phone or online session every 2 weeks (the first session is 75 minutes) for the length of the purchased package.
* A recorded Yoga Mama’Z guided meditation for creating peace and inspiration in the body and mind.
* An accountability check in via email during the off week to celebrate progress in moving forward and to ask questions if you have any.
* Weekly affirmations we create together.

Be Inspired Life Coaching + Customized Body Flow

6 sessions…$840
10 sessions…$1,250

These packages include...

*Be Inspired Life Coaching pieces + customized body flow…a physical practice created specifically for your body.  My experience in my own life and what I witness with my clients, is that when we talk through the life stuff and then move it through body…AMAZING things happen!  Simple magic friends :)
*Practice of simple and powerful physical practices to use at home in your day to day life.
*A recorded Yoga Mama’Z practice that will relax, invigorate, inspire, loosen and strengthen the body.  Perfect for any time of day…especially in the morning.
I am so excited to connect with you!  If this feels in alignment with what you are looking for moving forward in your life, please contact me.  


Pay in full at the first session to receive 10% off of the package you choose.  The other option is to pay the full price in 2 payments, one at the first session and the second half way through.  Yoga Mama'Z gratefully accepts cash, check and Venmo payments.