Heather offers yoga classes, workshops, private yoga, meditation sessions, and more in a comfortable and inviting space.

Classes are not being held in the studio at this moment, due to the Corona Virus.  Heather is excited for opening it up as soon as possible...stay tuned.  Until then, join the Yoga Mama'Z Classes Group on Facebook for a variety of classes.  Online personal sessions are available as well.  Thank you for your patience.  Continue taking time to breathe, connect with nature and move your body.  Stay connected on Yoga Mama'Z Facebook page.  Take care of yourselves friends!  Peace to you
A combination of basic yoga poses, wall poses, light sun salutations, core work, breathwork and relaxation with an emphasis on gratitude and joy. You can make the poses as gentle or as calm as you’d like them to be. You get out of it what you put in and what you need for your mind, body and soul.  You will leave feeling refreshed and ready to walk back into your day JOYfully.​

Radiant Yoga
A quicker paced yoga created to energize you and get your day started off in a positive, uplifting, balanced way. Heather mixes Sun Salutation A and B with standing, seated and supine poses to wake up your body and mind and also find ease in starting your day.​

The opposite of the yang style classes that are active…YIN is a more meditative yoga that trains your body and mind to focus on the present moment, while targeting the connective tissues rather than the muscles. We hold the poses down on the mat for 3-5 minutes while training the mind to stay present. This practice helps you to release emotional and physical blocks that have built up in the body. A great way to slow down and give the body and mind a break:)​

Fun, silly, calm yoga for your 5-11 year old! We practice individual poses, partner poses and breath work that relates mostly to nature and things the kidz can relate to. We talk about how the things we practice can be use doff of the mat and in their lives with family, friends at school, home and their other activities.​

Gentle Yoga
A gentle yoga combination for improving flexibility, mobility, balance, relaxation and some core strength mixed in for any yogi looking to relax the body, mind and soul.​

It’s a class for 2-5 year olds and an adult to practice fun breathing techniques, nature poses, dance and relax together​.

Business Wellness Sessions
Bring wellness to your entire organization through group wellness sessions. Increase focus, efficiency, teamwork, and team happiness.

Yoga for Athletes
A combination of yoga poses and breathwork for injury prevention, improved flexibility and stability, relaxation and focus for teenz.  Available for team or individually in the studio or on-site.
Personal Sessions with Heather
Heather also offers personal sessions! Yoga, strength, toning, flexibility, and meditation.  Choose one or a combination to create a session that will meet your individual needs and goals.  Sessions are $45 for 30 minutes or $70 for 60 minutes.  Discounts are given when 4 or more sessions are purchase at at time. Contact Heather to set up a session today.


Our Pricing

Register for class series and events on the the class and event registration page through Eventbrite link or with Heather in the studio (cash or check to avoid extra charges).  Special class series prices are shown on the event registration. 

Drop in price of $15 is available for regularly scheduled classes.


​Events and Class Series
Registration can be done on the Events Page. Eventbrite Links available under the descriptions.

Look for class workshop experience updates here and on our Yoga Mama'Z Facebook Page and Istagram.


Discover the Many Benefits of Yoga


Increase Muscle Strength and Muscle Tone

Improve Balance and Flexibility

Reduce Chronic Aches and Muscle Pain

Boost Vitality and Energy Levels

Relieve stress and reduce anxiety

Maintain a healthy metabolism